Learn easy Math and Physics problem solving strategies!

A great deal of academic achievement requires a broader educational background than that provided by the classroom traditional disciplinary lines. For this reason, I believe that one-on-one or small group teaching is necessary to bridge the communication gap between students perception and problem solving strategies in Math and Physics at an early stage.

As a PhD graduate in Engineering, I have extensive experience in teaching and tutoring high school, undergraduate students, professional engineers, and technicians in physics and mathematics including Algebra, Calculus (all levels), Math for Business, Mechanics, Advanced Physics, Physics for Engineers and Scientists, Nuclear Physics, Thermodynamics and others.

I offer one-on-one and small group professional tutoring that can be performed face to face in San Diego, California area or online through skype. I will work on your textbook material and present you different resources if needed.

I provide customized education experience and tools  adjusting to student performance to help him/her understand and solve academic Math and Physics problems.  Students will retain use of these tools to continue to develop their understanding and working knowledge of Math and/or Physics during their academic life.

I enjoy interacting with students and find a great deal of satisfaction in observing their progress closely. My teaching efforts included all aspects of  setting learning objectives, preparing materials, text book material review, homework assistance and test preparation.

I believe that the broad span of my education and experience, covering the disciplines of engineering, mathematics and physics provides me with a unique ability to teach interdisciplinary students and subjects.

I strongly recommend private tutoring for students who want to improve their performance or simply get a head start on their high school or college studies.

You can communicate with me at sdmaestro@yahoo.com for any question. I can provide references from my students and parents.



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